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Motor Vehicle Claims

Do you have expenses that you are incurring on a car in respect to your Business or Work?

There are many factors to navigate

What is Business Travel?

What is the difference between the cents per kilometre and Log book method?

What if I salary sacrifice my car?

I have a one tonne ute - how does that affect my claim?

Who owns the car?

I'm getting reimbursed by my employer for car expenses?

What if I travel between two jobs on a day?

What if I carry heavy equipment in my car for my job?

A simple Motor Vehicle claim can have many elements to it - needing further clarity contact the Mobile Accountant on 0419 854 982

Please note that this information is Factual in nature and not General or Specific advice relevant to your specific circumstances and should not be relied upon without Professional Advice.

"Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation”

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